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Hand Controls for Trucks, Vans, Cars & SUVs

"Amazing customer service. They installed my hand controls in a very timely manner."-Kyle M

Driving is a great source of independence. Our certified techs can install any hand control in any vehicle to meet your individual needs. We offer products from all of the leading manufacturers. Your safety matters when it comes to the installation of your hand controls. With hundreds of hand control installations and dozens of repeat customers, you can trust that Mobility Solutions will provide you the best service at the best price for all of your hand control and mobility needs.

MPS Push_Pull_hand_Control.jpg

Mechanical Hand controls are the most widely used. There are a variety of mechanical hand controls depending on preference. The most common are MPS push right angle, push pull, and push rock or the Suregrip Push Rock. However, we install all brands based on your needs and will customize as needed. Come by for a free evaluation. 


Electronic hand controls tethers technology to adaptability. It gives those with limited function the ability to take control of the vehicle. This includes using touchscreen tablets to gearshift, turn on the windshield washer's, and a myriad of other controls. Or, those using a spinner knob can control all of the secondary controls from buttons on their spinner knob. The possibilities are endless.

Other Driving Aids


We know automobility better than anyone. We will customize what you need to get you behind the wheel. 

Hand Controls = Freedom

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