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Available Rental Vehicle:

2022 Chrysler Voyager

  • Lowered floor side entry conversion

  • Four wheelchair tie-downs

  • Safe, easy, economical driving

  • Sits 4-5 additional people

Rental Rates:

Consumer Rates:

  • Daily — $120.00 per day

  • Weekly — $100.00 per day ($700 per week)

  • Monthly — $85.00 per day ($2,550 per month)

  • Personal rentals are allowed up to 100 miles a day before adding a .45¢/mile fee.

Commercial Rates:

  • $140 each day

  • No weekly or monthly discounts available.

  • Commercial rentals are allowed up to 75 miles a day before adding a .50¢/mile fee.


Other Information

  • Drivers are responsible and must show proof of their own insurance coverage.

  • Drivers must be min. 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

  • For the convenience of our clients, all vans are non-smoking.

  • Drivers are responsible for any interior or exterior damage.

  • After hour airport pickups are possible only if an employee is available to do so.

  • All major credit cards accepted.

  • Credit card on file will be charged if canceled with less than 24-hour notice.

Additional fees

  • Van returned with less fuel than at time of checkout – $30.00 for each ¼ tank

  • More than an hour late bringing the vehicle back – $10.00 an hour

  • Checking a vehicle in or out outside normal office hours only if employee is available. The same employee available to pickup or departure at the airport – $25.00

  • Having an employee meet you at the Salt Lake Airport for arrival or rental return:
    • Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm — $20.00
    • Outside office hours — $50.00

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