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Driving Aids can be customized to your needs!

Drive-Master's Reduced Effort Steering modification boxes and steering racks are available for all American vans and most cars with factory power steering. All factory power steering units sent to Drive-Master will be modified to low or no effort and return shipped within 24 hours. Standard factory power steering requires approximately 40 ounces of effort to operate. Drive-Master's steering modifications can reduce the required effort to 20-24 ounces (low effort) or 6-8 ounces (no effort). (These statistics will vary depending on model of car and tire size)

Left Foot Gas Pedal

Designed for people with limited or no use of their right foot, the quick release left foot gas pedal enables those drivers to utilize their left foot for gas operation. The pedal can be installed in any vehicle with an automatic transmission. No adjustments are necessary after installation, and the unit can easily be removed to allow other drivers to operate the vehicle. A pedal stop is part of the unit, and will not allow the right foot to inadvertently apply throttle. 

Steering Wheel Extension

  • Individually customizable -- pick your diameter, pick your height

  • Easily removable and completely compatible with any OEM steering wheel

  • 3 points of secured contact

  • Leather wrapped and hand stitched, first-rate quality and comfort

  • Far more serviceable and user-friendly than permanently installed extensions

  • Perfect for a family with a special needs user

  • A must for evaluators

CPO 5 Spinner knob Hand Control that controls horn, blinkers, high beams, wipers, and other secondary controls.

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