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Independant Driving System

We install and service Independent Driving Systems products. Independent Driving Systems (IDS) manufactures a  high-tech and unique driving aids for those whom traditional mechanical hand controls don't work for. This allows for someone with extremely limited mobility to drive. For example, a lower functioning quadriplegic. Featured here is a high-level quadriplegic with limited arm function. These driving controls have a touchscreen LCD  for all of the gear shifting and secondary controls. A button within the functional reach, including a head tap, can be pushed to scan the secondary controls and pushed again once the driver sees the vehicle operation desired within the LCD monitor. IDS hand controls for a limited functioning quadriplegic will get you driving again.  

The DM/IDS Proxima Tablet Touch Screen Console is a Tablet that will control the vehicles Ignition, Start, Power Gear Selector, Power Park Brake, power windows, door locks, radio, HVAC and all other secondary vehicle functions. It can be mounted as close to the driver as needed for quick and easy access. The Proxima Tablet program communicates with the vehicle via Bluetooth and is equipped with a hard wired auxiliary ignition/start button and power gear selector switch for back-up. Take the Proxima Tablet with you and use for email and web browsing as well.

The DM/IDS RESS System is a remotely mounted small-diameter steering wheel that requires extremely minimal effort and low range of motion to operate. It can be mounted anywhere in the driver’s cockpit area for the user to operate comfortably and safely. RESS has multi-axis mounting capability, so the user can steer the vehicle from a horizontal position or any mounted angle. There are three different wheel sizes available, 5″, 7″ or 10″.  Various orthotics are available to operate the RESS including a knob, single pin, and tri-pin. The system can easily be returned to the OEM steering wheel operation just by pushing and holding a button during ignition/start of the vehicle. RESS is equipped with a backup steering and monitoring system.

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